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Hello crafty people it is my turn to host the September swap, they should be with me by 28th September to the 30th. Plus don't forget an address label and stamps for return postage.


Our theme this month is for all THREE. swaps ,Autumn colours, leaves , pumpkins, harvest festival. And must have a use in the finished project. Please give me your name so I can enter it on a list below swap. If you need my address then just PM me.

For every one that enters I shall make a wooden Autumn leaf that has a special use.


Swap 1. SEWING. sew a DOLL/FAIRY. that is a holder for anything like (sewing tools, embroidery bits, beads, pin cushion, ect just a suggestion). I am sure you can think of other things. All in Autumn colours.







Swap 2. KNITTING/CROCHET. A basket with harvest fruit and veg. The end use for this is the basket.)(the fruit could be key ring holder.). Autumn colours for the basket and fruits and veg of the season . Apples blackberries, plums, pumpkins, corn,






Swap 3. ALL CRAFTS. THE FALLING LEAVES DRIFT BY THE WINDOW, THE AUTUMN LEAVES OF RED AND GOLD . So it's leaves of autumn that are made in to a holder. (Perhaps for pencils, brushes, letters, )





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my goodness Linda I need to have a think about this swap

your brain is certainly well into autumn already


thanks for this , I am back to the hospital next Monday but all being well I will be able to join in, I will let you know

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