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Picking up stitches - help please!

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I am trying to knit the beach top pattern from Let's Knit magazine, which can be found here:




I have completed the front and back, but it then says to pick up the stitches for the sleeve. Fine in principle, but how do you do this on a dropped stitch pattern? Do I pick up the loopy bits (leaving really loose stitches) or skip the loopy bits (puckering the seam)?


Any ideas appreciated, thank you.

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Hi Beckiwitts and welcome to the forum.


I haven't made this but looking at pics on your link you would need to pick up sts on the loopy bits too. If you can zoom in on pic you will be able to see what has been done


The seam wouldn't only pucker but  the sleeve would be very tight if you missed out the loopy bits.


Hope this helps

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