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Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new to papercrafting and have (possibly crazily) decided to create my own wedding invitations. Could anyone recommend some good and reputable websites to buy supplies from. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks   :wub:  

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Hi welcome to the forum, I've recently made my own wedding invitations, it depends on what sort of thing your after as to what shop is best. But if your after card stock of any sort I'd suggest Pda card and craft, For flowers I'd suggest wild orchard crafts, for general crafting stuff I'd say Cuddly buddly and craft superstore.

Hope this helps

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My son recently got married.


Two alternatives considered were  invitations printed-out on A4  papers - l;etter style - with a motif or image. 

Raymans sold some pretty paper, but the layout  could all be designed on the computer and printed at home.


The other was invitations as printed out inserts, glue-sticked into cards which could be stamped with an image, or also printed on the computer.


Googling 'Wedding' gave all sorts of ideas for wording and images.


Good luck!

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