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I would never have dreamed of colouring in someone elses designs, but think about it...for those especially with stiff fingers, arthritis, or even fading memories...this could be a way of simply calming the mind from our busy world..very therapeuric..I have heard criticisms all over the place from people saying "What a waste of time" etc. but come on..in this busy world time to relax...the prepared designs just kick start the imagination into action of what colours to use etc.....after all when I decide to start a painting  I make marks on my canvas as guidelines for the painting, so not very far removed from "colouring in"...except further shapes and shadows etc. are thought about.


I cab imagine Day Care centres introducing colouring in...no idea whether perhaps they already do, as have no experience there, but can imagine a scene too where grandchildren are colouring in alongside their grandparents....that in itself is good....


Pre printed designs of course can also be used for card making and other paper crafts.....perhaps we can all exploit it to our own enjoyment and gain.....



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I hold my hands up! I have one of the Zen colouring books and thoroughly enjoy colouring them in. I put a piece of card behind the page and use my water colours or inktense pencils and then a damp brush over it.

I get totally absorbed in it and relaxed, I would recommend it to anyone who gets stress in their lives.

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