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Wedding Cakes

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Cupcakes on tiered cake stands look awesome! 

I have seen them at a few weddings and Christenings.

At the last Christening Big Brother knocked them all over.


How we did laugh!



Keep them well away from little fingers!

Good luck!

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Gosh, I thought my daughter was the cup cake Queen, but when she visits next will show her your ideas...it will expand her love of cupcakes though.  (think she needs to eat less of them), but she really does some fabulous colours and displays them well...(to think of it..I don't think I have EVER eaten any of her cakes).I have to watch the sugar...

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For anyone that is interested in how this all turned out in the end I have a couple of pictures for you.


We decided not to make cupcakes as it turned out that there were already a couple of people that were going to do that and we wanted to try something a little different. We came up with the idea to make soft, chewy gingerbread, one of our favourite things.


We also (very wrongly) thought that these would be easier to make than cupcakes!


So we chose to make the gingerbread in the shapes of my brother and his bride's favourite hobbies - cycling, reading and dancing, we also decided to throw in some heart shapes to signify how very much in love they were! I found some suitable cookie cutters online and found a recipe.


It was fairly simple to make the dough but an absolute nightmare to cut the shapes out as they were very intricate and included embossed details that absolutely refused to fall easily out of the cutters. I eventually came up with a method that got the job done which involved heavily flouring the cutters and rolling and cutting the shapes out directly on the baking parchment and then transferring to the baking tray for cooking. It was virtually impossible to cut the shapes out and then lift them onto the baking paper without warping the shapes completely.


We decided to ice our gingerbread with sugar paste and used edible pens for the finer details like the bicycle spokes and writing in the books. The letters on the hearts are made from royal icing and there is a bit of edible shimmer thrown in for good measure.


All in all we were very pleased with how they turned out and they went down a storm at the wedding. Especially with the younger children that were there. Every single one was eaten and we got a number of nice comments too.






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