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Cutting foam with a die cutter

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Hi all,

I'm new to the forums and was really hoping someone might be able to help me out.
I'm trying to cut a large number of foam discs about 3 inches in diameter. The foam I have is 2mm thick with an adhesive backing.
At the moment I'm using an EK Success circle punch that seems to do the job fairly well but it often gets stuck and won't cut all the way through and it's a job and a half to squeeze the foam through the narrow opening to be able to cut it in the first place. I assume this punch is primarily designed for cutting card and paper and not foam.

Anyway I've been looking into Die Cutters and I was curious to see whether they could make the job any easier.
I'm not looking to spend an awful lot and so I came across this old Sizzix original red die cutting machine on ebay that looked like it could do the job.

Has anyone had any experience with this machine, and would I be able to cut 2mm foam with it using a wafer thin circle punch?

Thank you.


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If you search for original red Sizzix on YouTube you will get an idea of what it will be able to do and how to operate it.  I wonder if steel rule dies may be more hardwearing than wafer thin as you are intending to cut lots of circles - they are very sharp inside their foam carrier block!


The original machine won't take the larger dies that are made for bigger machines so do check a compatibility chart before you buy.  There's a compatibility chart here: http://www.indigojay.com/crafting/diecutter_compatibilitychart.pdf

and I'm sure there are others online which show what dies will fit your machine, then you can check on the manufacturer's website if they are suitable for cutting foam.

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Well I received my second hand original Sizzix machine that I got cheaply on eBay yesterday. I know it's very old and the box is deliciously retro but I'm excited to try it out and see what it can do.




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