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Paisley pattern

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This was a quick square I knitted from a book I got from a charity shop called creative needle craft about knitting, crocheting, embroidery patchworking, appliqué and quilting.


It shows you how to knit clothes from men, women and children and gives different patterns, the paisley pattern I knitting was part of a how to knit a cardigan  and Im thinking of knitting more little squares from the book and making a blanket (it shows you to knit zigzag lpattern,smocking patterns op-art patterns, plaid patterns,  lattice patterns and loads more. 


Its very old and was originally £20 and i picked it up for £2.50p 


Heres the link from Amazon (it was released in the year I was born lol 1987)

: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Colour-Library-Creative-Needle-Crafts/dp/B004WYF546 £8.75p 


I stumbled across it by accident as i was looking for some double pointed needles (I love how charity shops have a ton for 50p)


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