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In need of help! Toy truck from LGC magazine

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I've got 39 which is correct in total

15 stitches left Unworked from row 17

15 left on one needle and 9 on the other

(Row 18-26k16 k2tog byf turn)

I believe it's the shaping of the cab part


But now row 27 asks me to k16 k2tog and then k to end leaving 38 sts

I'm unsure what I'm actually to knit

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I have checked the original text supplied by the designer and this matches up with no discrepancies. Please could you go into a little more detail about what you are struggling with? You can reach me directly on elaine.bennett@aceville.co.uk although I am out of the office tomorrow (Wednesday).


Kind regards,


Elaine Bennett


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