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Urgent help needed, making necklaces and I know have no clue!!

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Good evening, new here so apologises if this in the wrong place. I need some advice from people who know what they're doing as I have a proper hash of things and have just 8 days to sort it!!

My oh is on a school PTA and they are organising a Mothers Day afternoon tea which will have craft stalls so the kids can be making mum a present while the mum eats cake and drinks tea. My oh was assigned the role of buying the supplies to make beaded necklaces and bracelets but due to several factors he didn't have the time so passed the job to me.

After a slightly quick look on a rather famous search engine, I settled on 2mm wax cotton cord, 4mm crimp beads, 3mm blunt end tips and lobster clasps for the necklaces and fabric elastic thread for the bracelets (as well as the obvious beads). I bought most of it from China, to keep the costs down and today I got the last few bits and was able to sit down with it all and have a proper look and it is all wrong :(

The bracelets are fine, no problem there, but the necklaces cannot be made. The 4mm crimp beads don't do as I wanted, I wanted to thread the wax cotton cord through the bead, then the lobster clamp and then back through the crimp bead but I struggle to even get the cord through once due to the end being frayed, never mind twice. And the end tips on the other side are far too big. I thought that 1mm gap wouldn't make much difference and I could crimp it and it would hold but it's massive in comparison to my cord. I've measured the end tips and they are definitely 3mm and the cord is definitely 2mm so I don't know what went wrong there.

Does anybody have any suggestions on what I can do or what I need to buy? I only have 8 days to correct this (the afternoon tea is next Thursday). Thank you in advance to anybody who is brave enough to help a complete idiot!


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You're doing it properly, anyway.


You'll certainly have to cut off the frayed bit.

Then you could try to seal it with nail varnish to keep it together.


You could also consider a necklace made with elastic cord if it's not high fashion you're aiming for, but it would work, and could look pretty.

You could seal the knot with nail varnish too for safety.


Sorry you're having such a bother!

That is such a shame!

I'm not very experienced, and without seeing the beads I can't be more specific.


If you had time you could e-mail the mag -  Make and Sell Jewellery :


who have a trouble-shooters bit.

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