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Lucy Jobber

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This is one of my makes hand cut then beaten from Aluminium sheet, I started up in December 2014 and this is my very 1st piece that I have handcut from sheet.  After cuttiing and sanding I added a riveted hand cut and beaten square then blue patina a chain and two angel charms....Its called the Gothic Angel Cross .


Mandy Jayne.  Akamar Balla Jewellery www.akamarballa.com



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Hi there,


I make fingerprint jewellery that's a bit different, and beautiful in its own right.


This 'Family Tree' pendant is handcrafted in silver metal clay, and carries a fingerprint on each little bird! 


Thanks a lot, Jacqueline


                        Whimsy Silver     www.whimsysilver.co.uk



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