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Help I'm in stitches

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Hello lovely knitters,  I really hope someone can help me.  I have recently picked up a Bergere knitting pattern which has a lovely lace stitch.  The problem I have is that, I think some of the instructions are missing in the last row, so every time I try it I end up with too few stitches.  The pattern is over 4 rows and is written like this:


Row 1 (rs): k1, *yfwd, yon, k2tog* rep from *to* ending with a k1

Row 2: p2, *p1 letting 1yfwd drop, p1* rep from *to*

Row3: k1, *sl 1, k1, psso, yfwd, yon* rep from *to* ending with k1

Row4: *p1, p1 letting 1 yfwd.


Perhaps someone could have a go and let me know what I need to do please?


Thank you


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Done it and pattern definitely wrong. You need to get in touch with Bergere de France (probably info on back of pattern if not try a Google search).


Tell them pattern number and that you think there is a mistake in the pattern.


Do let us know how you get on

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This is the last row from the French version


4ème rg : * 1 m. env., 1 m. env. en laissant tomber

1 jeté *, répéter de * à *, term. par 2 m. env. au

lieu d’1.


I'm trying to get a translation so watch this space....

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