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Happy Tuesday!

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Morning all, it's a very dark morning here. Old Kitty is putting off going out for a mooch as it's wet under foot.


Thank you for all the good wishes. I felt so relieved I kind of flopped last night and hadn't the energy to post again.


Have a fab day. Will pop back at lunchtime. :)

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Really pleased for you K&F, happier Christmas for you I guess.


I can't cope with the days this week, only Tuesday today? Did all my shopping yesterday, mad...one "gent" rammed his trolley into me, I couldn't move as trolley jam in front of me then he did it again, I turned and said I can't go anywhere, "oh did I catch you" 'yes, twice' " thought it was the pile of boxes I was trying to move"????


Going for my haircut this morning, I always go Tuesday, senior discount, thought he may charge full today but he said not, , we don't believe in reverse Christmas giving, he said, just been hunting out a gift bag to take him a nice bottle of red.


last night we discovered a leak on bathroom radiator, hubby has done a temporary repair to hopefully last a few weeks, went to bed early as had to turn heating off until it sealed.


my DILs mum flew into Leeds yesterday, one of the only flights to land due to high wind, it is literally a flying visit, she had a routine mammogram a few weeks back, since then surgery and early January she starts radiotherapy, she is already tattooed for it, can understand her wanting to see her daughter and our grandchildren, pleased for DIL as she wanted to see her mum but couldn't get there due to flight cost and practicalities if 2 small chikdren.


Hope you all get crafty time, I'm knitting myself a jumper, one if the packs I bought in Ho**ycraft,


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Morning all. Dull misty and wet here bt at least its not cold and windy.


Busy doing a pile of de-creasing but stopped for a break to pop in.


After lunch I am going veg shopping so if you don't hear from me - its been nice knowing you  ;)  :lol:


Hope you all have a lovely day


Take care

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Howdo, still as grey as anything here. :)


Eliza, wow I can't believe someone rammed you twice! Were they blind? I hope they had the good grace to apologise.


Goose, good luck at the shops! It's got a bit mad at ours very early in the morning - people trying to beat the rush - so it's busy from 6am right through to closing time.


It's quiet at work. My announcement finally went round and I got hand-shakes and pats on the back from the rest of the team, apart from one person who just emailed me. We had to keep it quite low-key 'cos I'm still surrounded by lots of other people who are still going.


I've started my Christmas knitting project. I was undecided whether to do a snood or gloves and went for gloves in the end in case the Artesano BFL wool was too scratchy by my neck. They've got a wavy edge so I started with squillions of sts, which I've now whittled down to about 44 for the ribbing. It's lovely wool to knit with. :)


Have a good afternoon folks! :)

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Afternoon :)


K&F so glad to hear your news! Brilliant :P

Eliza do you look like a pile of boxes? How rude!

Goose good luck with the veg shopping!!


One pooped Suzie here. Got me and the girls up and out early to complete the food shopping. Trying to think of treats for DF. Anyhow going to attempt sugar free Choc profiteroles :P


Alex's Santa gift still in the UK and I've misplaced Ellie's - so annoyed over it!

Right best get on although my foot is really hurting today along with my knee and hip! Getting old lol.


Have a good day all x

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I'm back, I made it  :P. Got all my veg and a few other little treats oh and a fresh turkey.


Enjoying a much needed cuppa  :) After tea its a night of knitting.


Is everyone ready for the big day?


Suzy http://www.sugarfreerecipes.co.uk/sugar-free-puddings-category.html

http://www.recipe4living.com/articles/top_10_sugar_free_dessert_recipes.htm  acouple of links that might give you some ideas for pudding.


Have a good evening

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