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Sunday and rain

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Went to Leeds, was busy but not as bad as expected and drizzle but not rain, we just wandered around, went in for a tiny drink and a sandwich, another little walk and bus home, was okay, didn't buy a thing but didn't really need anything.


Now sat knitting the peplum, looking good and fits well with the style and it is shaped in at the waist, I'll have to try and get a picture, still dithery on tablet and phone , we'll see.


hope everyone and relatives are well or improving, my 3 year old granddaughter has been poorly over a week, missed all the parties and said to mummy yesterday, why am I not better, doesn't Santa have time .


hubby just brought me a cuppa so will leave you for now.

keep Crafting

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Hello. Lovely to hear all your news. :) Su2ie, I hope your DF is feeling better today.


Struggling a bit today - had one of my bad heads yesterday afternoon and I kept waking in pain. Urgh. Feeling a bit better today although it's still lurking.


Has anyone ever had a granny square come undone from the middle? I've spent all afternoon doing one on and off only to find the middle unraveling when I reached the penultimate round. I've had to undo the whole thing. Haven't the energy to redo it.


Exhausted now. Have a good rest of your day all. :)

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I made a granny square double bed cover last christmas and i noticed a couple of the squares

have come undone in the centre , l picked up the stitches with a needle and tied them in again .

not sure why this happened,

this doesnt really help you much K&F as i am not giving you a cause


hope everyone had a productive day. I took niamh to the party 2 hours of music games and 90

kids and their parents, imagine the noise

i made dozens of xmas pies when i came home and a large apple pie

planning an early night as i have my middle son and family tomorrow

night night everyne

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Bit late in the day but thought I'd pop in and say hello to you all.


Had a lovely day with the family and lovely to see Sophie's face when she saw my tree. She looked at it then at me then waved at it then clapped - it got her approval  :lol:


I'm getting so excited for Christmas Day to see her face whilst ripping open all her pressies.  


Su2ie what can DF eat with regards to pudding or cannot eat?


I'll be off to bed after The Apprentice so see you tomorrow.



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