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Morning all, ive done what work I need to for the day so I can spend some time wrapping gifts and batch cooking for both the freezer ( old mother hubbards cupboard is full again) and some cakes for Lisa's drop in tomorrow on Leah's birthday. Now two more teeth have come through Leah is back on form and as cheeky as ever.


To all those feeling ill I wish you a speedy recovery and leave you with this for all still christmas knitting.

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Afternoon all ,Suzy have you done your batch cooking can you tell me what you made and did you see Mary and Paul's Christmas special bake off?


I just done a food shop and John is going to make his boiled fruit cake as a Christmas cake with icing and decorations and perhaps glacé cherries in it too. Jade is driving home for Christmas on Monday and we shall be crafting together making her wrapping paper and other bits. My other daughter liz is moving house on Friday so we will probably see her in the new year but there is always face time. We see my son in the next village to us on Boxing Day. I have bought my grandson a real grown up workshop it turns wood saws and everything my cabin work shop does he is nine but with this workshop he has to have adult supervision so it is really not a toy.


Now for crocheting my Christmas scarfe I must finish it for Christmas for my sister, have a good day talk later.

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Just been to Supermarket. .silly already. .going again Monday then thats it until after ..on our own Christmas but offspring and grandchildren coming on 27th so that will be our big day..looking forward to it..seems daft but it does seem less pressure getting together after the main days..no rushing the children with their gifts...


On sleeves of my complicated cardigan and not much pattern on those..just hope it fits now.


Wishing you all a relaxed few days..it's only another day..some of the trolleys this morning..ekkkk..not mine..think one thing about having the year I have is you do see things differently. .


I'm knitting this aft..daughter will be here for a late lunch soon then shes off for her hair doing.


Crafty wishes

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Hello ladies sorry I've been missing but I've had a bout of flu that not only knocked me for six, but seven eight nine and ten too.Yesterday I woke up thinking I had been chewing barbed wire ouch!


Haven't done any knitting so need to catch up with Sophies cardie.


Suzy hope Leah has a lovely birthday tomorrow


Linda what an exciting pressie for your grandson


Eliza sounds like you certainly are on the mend 


Tracey knitting and cuppas?


Have a great day everyone


Take care

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