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Tuesday. ..

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Just over a week and the madness everywhere you go may ease.


I'm not really self medicating Liz..it's the amitriptyline I was prescribed before and I asked to come off them which I did gradually. Doc gave me some for times like this but told me let them know if I took them..that is the bit I slipped on..I was taking them a few days before I phoned. .I just kept forgetting..like you I come out of pharmacy with a big bag full.


Hubby is going to his dads this morning to sort a problem he has so I am going to sneak to the wool and quilting shop a 5 minute walk away. .I want a peacock coloured cardigan and looked in York yesterday and although lots of wool tempted me I resisted as not the colour I wanted. .need to finish my current cardigan but she closes over a week ay christmas so need to get stocked up. You know how it is..have I enough milk in..check I have enough meds as doctor closed and maybe not in this order of importance but have I enough crafty stock.


Hope everyone slept..is well. Is crafty.


Have a crafty Tuesday.

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Hello. :)


Eliza, I have amyt... for my CFS. That's what my Dr told me to double then treble etc a few weeks ago! I stopped at double 'cos of the side effects. Hope you're feeling better.


I've come on here to get away from the crazy world. The news these past 24 hours! What is the world coming to? That terrible Sydney hostage thing yesterday, the massacre today and literally just round the corner from me the Oxford bypass is closed because a woman is trying to throw herself off a bridge. It's awful. I wish I could go and talk her down.


I hope someone pops by later with some happy news. Would love to hear how everyone's projects are coming along. My MIL's cardy now has one complete sleeve and I'm trotting up the 2nd one.


I'll go for my walk round the block now, as it's sunny out and looks quite inviting. I hope the lady on the bridge is OK. It's all too close for comfort. There's a massive smash near OH's work too and that main road is closed as well. It's all go isn't it!


Will pop back later if I can. Bye for now. :)

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I agree K&F terrible world news and unbelievable things near to home, so sad. Hope the lady near you is okay


my nice news, I didn't get to our nearby wool shop, I started a bit of cleaning and it takes me so long hubby was back before I set off amd she's only open until 2.00 on Tuesdays, but hubby bless him, come on I'll run you to H***ycraft and wow wow wow, they were just unpacking a new delivery and full pack of 10 balls of Sid*r 30% wool random dyed for £10 a pack, I bought 2, will get the peacock colour another time, I'm thinking a patchwork style jumper with cables...may change my mind, sad thing is my complcated bobble cardigan, one front 2inch longer than the other, what I dud wrong? Maybe watching tv while following a pattern and counting pulled it back and I'll do it again tonight.


bye for now

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Afternoon All. 😃


Eliza - Sounds like you're getting stocked up with crafty essentials.....Can never have enough wool I say!!! 😃😠Hope you're feeling lots better now. Wow Eliza, what a fab wooly bargain. 😊


K&F - I agree with you on the news front. What is the world coming to. It's so sad.

Hope your day's going well, and you're managing to get some crafting done. 😄


Denise - Hope you're feeling tons better today.


I'm not long in from work. Have made a Chicken Soup for this evening. Smells yummy. 😀 Just having a catch up on here.....Then it's knitty time. ðŸ˜


Hope everyone's having a lovely day.


See you all later. x

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Goose some Russian person has taken over Monday's knitty chat. Anyway I have been busy getting ready for Christmas day as I have only five for Christmas day but that is enough , now I am crocheting a scarf in soft white yarn Tunisian crochet but in entrance. Sounds complicated but very easy. Have a good day all.

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Hiya, i have had a nice day visiting my son, DIL made onion soup and a lovely light victoria sponge for afters

i too have stocked up on craft materials eliza , i have bought yarn and fabric plus a new craft book and patterns , so if i am snowed in then i dont care


i didnt sleep again last night, it was about 5am i must have dozed off, then i had to get up at 8am

fortunately i dont have niamh on a tuesday , but my friend is staying with us this week


still nothing compared to all the troubles in the world, imagine the grief of those parents who had children massacred today


chicken soup sounds yummy serendipity

hope denise is feeling better today


i also have just 5 on christmas day linda , but unlike you i am not organised for it yet,

still not even made my mincemeat pies


no projects on the go at the moment K&F ,but its telly for me tonight so i might start something

i am already in my pjs


have a cosy evening all

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