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crafty nannie

sleepless monday

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I know its a stupid hour to be on here, but ,,i went to bed for an early night and couldnt sleep

just made myself a cuppa and been browsing on line,

i could find plenty to do but dont want to disturb hubby, so quiet i am being like a little mouse


pupy went home about 8 last night so i could wash the laminate floors i kind of miss him


are you all organised for christmas, i think i have finally completed all my tasks ,


I finally got appointment for chest clinic 28th january thats 7 months i have waited, i feel that is bad


well i hope everyone has a good day planned,

how is your bestie doing goose hope all is well

hope eliza is feeling ok , and no more self medicating , dont take chances with health,

i am thinking i shouldnt speak really i am just as bad i hate going to doctor ( thats when i can even get an appointment )

well cuppa finished so i will finish here and catch up later in the day

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Oh dear CN it is awful not sleeping, hope you catch up tonight. Replying to you from last nights question, I am all wrapped up and ready but still doing some wood work for making a present it has been real cold out in the cabin I need insulation and a pot belly stove that would be luxury. I just come back from a morning doing last Christmas shop with my sister and we had tea and breakfast at the local farm shop. I am really looking forward to Christmas Day I love opening secret Santa and presents with all the family. I have to think about dinner now do will talk later.

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Evening from a sick Goose - I have a touch of flu  :(


DIL went back to work today so I was on Sophie duties. Came home had my lunch then DS brought Sophie down at 2.30 and DH took her home at 5 o clock.


Making a big pan of vegetable soup which hopefully will do me a world of good.


Liz my bestie has compression of 3 discs at the bottom of the spine. Hospital hoping once swelling goes down they will heal themselves. Still don't know cause of blackouts and no biopsy done on lump yet. Thanks for asking


Linda have you got a pot belly stove on your pressie list?


Hope everyone has a lovely evening. BBL


Take care

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Evening ladies, its feels like the artic here today and I'm sure they had turned the heating down where we have knit and natter. As from next week our K&N doesn't have a home because the library is shutting for six months while they compleaty refurbish it and put a new roof on.


Denise you must have more stamina than me having Sophie several times a week. Can I pop up for some vegetable soup as I have finished my beef and veg one I made last week.

Liz you will have to ask the doctor for some knock out drops to help you sleep.

Linda a pot bellied heater sound great, aren't you the organised one with your wrapping. I haven't even wrapped Leah's birthday presents yet!


Think I'm going to cook some pasta and have it with my homemade sauce for tea as apart from that im a bit like old mother hubbard with nothing in the cupboard till I do a shop tomorrow.


Have a good evening and keep warm x

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Been quite nice here today. .sun shining but cool..not really much news but I have just nnoticed my nails are growing. .has this Eliza woman gone mad..well maybe but for months they have been peeling off in layers..something to do with whats going on health wise..so I'm all excited I'm improving..bought myself a nail varnish to celebrate. .downside is I'm still dithery and can't put it on but my daughter is calling Wednesday and she'll manicure me..daft things that excite.


My knitting is coming on well..almost finished 2nd front..it's all bobbles and cables..so sleeves and bands then hey presto ..to be honest didn't think I would be able to do complicated..goes to show never say never...


Hope you get a better nights sleep tonigh Liz but no self medicating...he he...I still am but I did speak to practice nurse and she had a word with doctor and he says he'll let me off this time ..I see him Friday.


Hope you all have a cosy crafty evening

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