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Morning Everyone. 😄


Hope you all have a lovely day planned. 😊


Not sure what we're doing yet. Jay's son is visiting from New York at the moment. So may go into London for a Christmas Sightseeing trip. I love it. 😠Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is top of our list. Although not quite sure yet......If not today it will be next weekend. 😄


Have a lovely Sunday Everyone. x

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Thought I was posting early but. .....


We did Christmas London last year..winter wonderland in Hyde Park..all the shop windows. .Christmas market on the south bank. .a few gingerbread latte...mulled wine..had a meal and then the tube back to a lodge we were staying in and sat in the hot tub with a few flakes of snow. .only down side my arthritis shouted after a while and I was stuck at the bottom of some steps. .this was when we went for a meal and medicine. ..


Talking of holiday. .my cousin came to see me last night..he is here for a few days seeing family. .his holiday cottage is doing well..almost fully booked for next year.they have teamed up with friends who also have cottages so they can each get away from home at times and he is thinking of converting 2 more out buildings. .depends if his sons/dils want to come in with him..seems they are both starting families next spring and both buying houses near him..so it is thought it would be a good time and the DIL' s are looking into taking over the general running instead of returning to their old jobs. .He wants to make sure they are on board though as he says the conversion work was hard for him..think the decision will be made after they all get settled in their new homes with their new little bundles of joy..sounds a good plan to me though.


I haven't slept again. ..thinking I may need to see doctor. .have to admit to taking amitriptyline I found left from last year a couple of times recently but guess I really should get professional help and not self medicate when I'm taking so many other meds.


Hope you all get crafty time today. .my planned task is to make a beaded necklace to hold a lovely Amber pendant my hubby bought me at a craft fair..it's got silver wire setting and tiny amethyst ..not sure if the creaky fingers will cope..last night I set up all the bits on craft table and said to myself. .try..even if it takes me all day..failing that I may have to buy a sliver chain. .the seed beads are perfect with it...was going to say fingers crossed but that would make them stiffer. .lol


Enjoy the day..

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Crikey Tracey, are you turning nocturnal on us??? :blink:

Eliza I will cross my fingers for you if that helps. I guess to try and not manage is better than not even trying. And yes a quick word with the Dr seems like a good idea too.

I am as stiff as a board after putting up the decorations yesterday :(  (serves me right I guess). I think a soak in the bath will do me good so I'm off to do that. Will try to pop back later, so have a good crafty day all. :)


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Eliza - Great news that your cousins holiday lets are doing so well. Hope you get your beaded necklace done. Have a good day. 😊


Tina - I just get an odd night now and then where I can't sleep properly.....Last night was one of them. 😀 Sounds like you need a relaxing day today.....Maybe some knitting and several cuppas might help. 😊


Looks like our London Sightseeing trip will be next weekend.....More knitty time for me today. ðŸ˜


Take Care All. x

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Hi everyone. The house is quite empty now just me and DH - everyone has gone home and DS2 gone out to his mates.


Going to get my knitting out shortly. I should be able to get most of 1 st sleeve finished then I'll have to wait for my order to be delivered so I can finish it.


Hope everyone has a lovely day.


Take care BBL

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