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Kirstie's Handmade Christmas

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I love watching her this time of year as well  :)   I didn't know there was a new series on though so I will have to catch up with it on laptop. I love all of the ideas they have....of course we know they are not all her own and she has a whole team behind her, but she is very crafty still and presents everything in such a fun and interesting way  ;)


I have a pom pom maker, but haven't tried it yet,,,think I am scared of a fail and wasting wool for it to go wrong hehehe  They do sound easy to use though and there are loads at great prices on Ebay where you can even get heart shaped ones  :D


Aye, I think it's all about the presentation as I've seen some really boring craft progs!  I think the Kirstie's Handmade Christmas I watched was just a one-off programme.  Last year it was Kirstie's Crafty Christmas.  I wouldn't say no to a new series with loads of different crafts to get inspired by. :)


Heart-shaped pom-pom makers?  I've never heard of those!  I've added the normal ones to my wishlist so we'll see if anyone gets me them.

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