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Dolman sweater from knitting vintage

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If anyone can help i would be so grateful! I am knitting a sweater and am struggling to understand the sleeve part of the pattern! I have managed the following so far:

Cont in st st, cast on 9 sts at beg of next 8 rows then 9 sts at beg of following 2 rows. 151 sts

Work 14cm straight in st st on these sts, ending with a p row.

No problem with that but the following has me stumped!

*k to last 9 sts, turn leaving these sts unworked and work back to last 9 sts, turn, rep from * 3 times more, then k to last 10 sts, turn, rep from * 2 times more. Leave centre 19 sts on holder for back neck, and each 66 sts for sleeves on separate holders.


I have copied this out word for word and I am completely baffled. Can anyone write me out row by row instructions for this, as I can't figure out if when I do the repeats at the beginning I have to leave the same 9 sts for each repeat, or an additional 9 sts, if that makes sense! I am fairly knew at this, and if I can manage this it is the first item of clothing I have ever knit that was not gloves, scarves or cardigans for my baby niece!!! Thanks in advance :)

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