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:rolleyes: I am a member of a Diabetes group and some time ago I posted a thread on peoples hobby's. Unexpectedly I received a PM asking was I still making Jewellery, and if so would I make a Romany Bracelet for his wife who is a true Romany. in my own style whatever I thought was appropriate .Well I searched the web, That wasn't much help.

I didn't have and coins which they seemed to like. So I went my own way. Just asked what was her favourite colours. She wanted Earth Tones. Sorry its a bit long winded.

I tried to include nature leaves and flowers. So it Could be Romany, Gypsy or Boho.

Made from a variety of beads with Antique gold coloured findings. Leaf and Flower beads. And assorted drops.




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I understand that we can submit more than one make and so here is

Blue Spruce.


I used bugle beads, head pins, pinecones, silver chain and of course a bird  :)

to make this bracelet.


I can almost hear the snow crunch and the howling wind.






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