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October magazine Drawstring Bag Problems

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Im trying to make the Drawstring bag from the October Sew Magazine and once again find myself frustrated and let down by the magazine again.


The instructions refer to transferring the diagonals to the fabric from the pattern. Ive printed the pattern and mamaged to get the four pieces lined up and stuck together eventually but there are no diagonal lines on this. There is also no reference to the size of fabric required and if I cut it to the shape of the pattern it doesnt seem to have the same allowances as shown in the photographs.

Can anyone offer any assistance with this?

Where are the diagonal lines meant to be on the pattern and how big should the piece of fabric be?


Have tried emailing sew mag but they havent bothered to respond. I certainly wont be renewing my subscription this isnt the first time I have encountered problems with patterns in the magazine. The Dave the Daschund pattern was wrong and they didn't even bother to put the correct instructions on the pattern when you download it or in the next issue of the magazine. I only found out the instructions were incorrect after searching online.


I feel really let down, you would think these patterns and projects would be well user tested before going to print.


f anyone can help me with the drawstring bag I would really appreciate it.

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Hi there,


Apologies - you're right, the template doesn't seem to be displaying the diagonal lines properly. We're working on getting this fixed straight away.

In terms of fabric size, you draw the grid onto fabric and then leave a good border around the edge. This doesn't have to be a specific size.


May I ask what email address / phone number you've been using when you tried to contact? We endeavour to answer all the queries we receive, so I'm very sorry if you haven't had a response.


Apologies again for the issue with the template. We'll get it working correctly as soon as possible, thank you for bringing it to our attention. 

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