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Linda, your story is amazing and your poppies are beautiful.


I hope to crochet a poppy to.  Haven't as yet.


I will say a tribute for the fallen soldiers here in Canada this week.

I think of their families.


I salute all those who have given their lives in the nations of the world

for peace and freedom.


Thank you.



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Wow Linda what a wonderful history, you obviously get your creativity from you grandad as a blacksmith is a fine art.


My grandpa on my fathers side was in France during WW1 and came home unscathed, all I have form then is some lace postcards he sent nanny. His father fought in the Boar war where he was Injured but still alive, apparently though he had a tough time mentally afterwards from seeing all the atrocities of it.


I made these poppies for the Radio Nottingham 'Big poppy appeal', they asked for 11,000 knitted or crocheted ones to represent the men from Notts who fell in WW1 but received over 90,000 which have been distributed to the RBL for sale this year. They had an exhibition at. The Nottingham Contempary Gallery and even Sir Paul Smith (Nottingham lad) designed one for the appeal.


Here are the 110 I made which was just a drop in the ocean

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