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I'm very new!

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I am really really new!

I bought my first sewing machine on Friday! I have a Janome XL601 I used it for the first time on Sunday to make an advent calendar backdrop which I purchased last year! I need to make pockets with the motifs for each day of advent - that way I can add a little treat! 


I tried patchwork about this time last year and enjoyed it but I only knew how to hand stitch! I made some owl bunting too by hand stitch!


I seem okay using running stitch 00 in straight lines (ish!!) and I even managed the corners! 


I am trying to understand all the terminology and basically get practising. I love Dave the Dachshund so I have just printed the pattern for him!


Any tips or easy projects for me to start finding my feet are most appreciated!!



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Hi, welcome to the forum :)


Well done on purchasing your first sewing machine, your soon get the hang of it, I make traditional bears, soft toys, sock monkeys, cushions, handbags, makeup bags, and I made a patch work dog for Christmas last year and 2 rag dolls. I also do other crafts too jewellery, paper craft and so on.

So just shout if you need advice.

As for corners, go slowly round them, let the fabric just flow round and just gentle move it, if it's a sharp corner get to the end of one straight, leave the needle in the fabric, lift the foot and turn the fabric, lower the foot and carry on sewing :)

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Start with easy projects, go slow and good luck, I've been sewing for well over 50 years, from dresses for girls nights out in my teens, to wedding dresses, children's clothes and now its toys for grandchildren, bags to sell for charity. A good skill to have.



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Hi Kayzie,


And welcome!

My advice for starting out - stick with simple patterns and fabric that is well behaved! Cotton and poly-cotton are a good starting place. Anything that's shiny or stretchy can be a bit tricky when you first start.


But the best piece of advice I received when I started was... enjoy yourself! If you like what you make, and have fun making it, nothing else matters.


As proof of this, my mother has a pin-cushion I made for her when I was a child. It was two pieces of revolting rectangular fabric, stitched together on a machine and stuffed really badly. IT'S AWFUL! But, because I enjoyed making it, and made it with love, she adores it and still uses it nearly 30 years later. And I have kept my passion for sewing, and the confidence to keep experimenting, and I now make all sorts of things.


Good luck,


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