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scarecrow Saturday

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Village events again today. ..scarecrow festival. .the schools and shops make them and they are all over the village..I said yesterday CC should have entered ..we just didn't think anyway it is in the ideas journal..also the launch of the village calendar. .seems it's Bare all for breast cancer and yes the local business ladies have done just that..also Farmers Market in the church hall and an Artisan Market near our old woolen mill where the old weavers shed is having an open day as that now houses working crafters..so will be interesting. .I know there is a silversmith but not sure which others makers. I do go on...I get excited about our little village becoming so up in the arts..the old woollen mill used to make some of the top fabrics ..sold to the Saville Row tailors...now it is turning to small units..another local mill still makes and among it's credits is the red woollen fabric for Prince Williams Dress uniform he wore at his wedding...


Going to leave you now..need ages to get showered and dressed and we are meeting our daughter at the farmers market. .I prepared a meal last night...it is going into the slow cooker ready to eat when we get back along with some bread I made last night..I usually enjoy kneading bread but can't do that yet so did it in the food mixer...it's looks okay..not sure if daughter and SIL are eating with us (forgot to ask) anyway enough made and if not we will freeze the rest...it was CN talking about batch meals that made me think make double and we have enough without waste if they don't come.


Hope it's a crafty Saturday for you all..now what do you wear for a scarecrow festival...

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Morning Eliza. Have a good day, I make double quantity meals and freeze half all the time as I can't stand too long so it makes sense to me, 2for1


Off to daughter for usual Saturday catch up ,I do enjoy my family's company

My children are my best friends,


Wallpaper getting put up this weekend ,this week has been busy with cleaning it's a case of once you start something else looks neglected

I am worn out


Will pop back for catch up later have a good day all

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Morning ladies, beautiful here again but a bit cooler. This is a quick post as I have already written two and my screen froze both times. We raises over £500 at the last count from yesterday's coffee morning plus Mick was holding a meat raffle last night and selling off anything that was left over as people brought home made jams, pickles and boxes of veg from the allotments.


Eliza you make me feel tired just reading all you are doing today.

CN enjoy your family day, lovely that your children are your best friends I think we reap what we sow.


Have a good day, might be back later x

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Afternoon Ladies.


Eliza - Your village sounds so lovely. Always seems to be something intersecting, arty or crafty going on. Have a lovely day.


CN - Enjoy your family time. I'm lucky in that my daughter Sarah lives just a few minutes away from me. So she pops in with Chloe at least 4 or 5 times a week. Perfect!! 😀


Suzy - Well done on your fab coffee morning fundraiser. Have a lovely day. 😄


Well I didn't get much knitting done yesterday. Started routing around my patterns.....Then sorted them out.....Got them all into some kind of order. Then a friend called in for a cuppa and a natter which was lovely. So hopefully.....Fingers crossed it's a knitty day for me today instead. 😃


Have a great day everyone.🌞

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It's a nice sunny day 23C in my sitting room.


My friend's son is getting married and as they are already living together have said gifts aren't necessary but any donations towards the honeymoon would be nice. I still wanted to give them a little gift and thought of a knitted bride and groom. Then suddenly a light bulb moment about Eliza's post.


They are getting married on Halloween so I think I'll do a pumpkin ted and a witch  :) Just need to see if I have the right colour yarns


Eliza your little village sounds lovely


CN enjoy your family time. Just think once wallpaper up you will have more time to knit admiring your new decor  ;)


Suzy well done to all on the fundraising front


Tracey have you managed to get your needles out yet


Have a super day everyone


Take care

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Afternoon ladies...


Eliza - hope you have a lovely day at the festival :) we don't have that much craft things up my way morning we do they aren't that well publicised.


CN - have a nice day catch in up and spending time with family. I enjoy having a catch up with family :)


KQ - congrats on the funds raised. That's impressive from a coffee morning. Is it for a local charity?


Serendipity2 ! I know that feeling..you look for something can't find it and end up re - organising everything and still don't find it lol. Hope you get some knitty time today.


Goose - that sounds like a wonderful little pressie. I am sure they will love it :)


Well was back to work yesterday. .and I loved it I missed being at work..but I know at the same time I needed the time off to relax..only got a week left of work and then I am maternity leave (well using up my holiday allowance first).


The summer house is up :) YAY!! Sparky just to come back to finish connecting it all up and then joiners to finish the inside by putting the insulation in and lining the walls..then it's time to start furnishing..I.e. With a work station for me and a chillaxing area for the other half & kids lol. Can't wait..need to order up a weatherproof box (as extra protection from damp etc) though for my papers etc. Can get a 90 Ltr one that is just over a foot wide by nearly 2 foot long and just over a foot deep for less than £40 delivered..does that sounds good?


Today haven't got anything crafty done so far. .done some decreasing and just had lunch waiting on my parents to arrive for a visit and to drop off some supplies for getting Internet down to the summerhouse :) think I might go squeeze in making a scarf for my friends birthday next week whilst I'm waiting for them to arrive.


Hmm..oh I have posted another completed crochet project on the Finished Objects board of a Mini Amish Puzzle Ball..quite addictive. .want to make another one but bigger. Small one was a bit fiddly lol.


And here's a picture of the summerhouse...EEK. .can you tell I am excites?? Haha


Edited by AngelGoneMad

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