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some of my recent needle felted animals

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I haven't been here for ages! So long, that remembering my password was a bit of a task! But it looks like I still have a couple of brain cells floating about, cos here I am hehe!


Got some new thingies to show you. Hope you likes 'em.

Catherine X





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They are brilliant....so clever. .how long does each take...I do bits mainly 2D pictures and even they are time consuming. .I am so impressed.

Thank you!


It depends what I'm making, some take longer than others. I've made so many of the sleeping ones in the vintage teacups for people that I'm getting quicker at those lol. But they usually take 2-4 weeks. Not solidly working on them all day long cos that would be daft :D but I work on whichever one I'm doing every day. I really don't know how many hours in total, but lots and lots.

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Oh I see you have been busy. I have missed seeing your work

Such talent I am still struggling with flat felting

That's very kind, I'm pleased you remember my work. And if it's any consolation, I really can't get into flat felting, it seems more difficult to me!

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