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My I pad has had an update to ISO.8 , since then I cannot upload photos or videos to this sight , is it the forum sight that cannot deal with this most recent up date?


When I want to take a photo or video and upload ordinarily then every thing is ok.


What happens here is I choose a file, then it says photo library or take a photo or video , I choose the photo library the photo goes on the choose a file place I click attach this file it tries to then a red message comes up no file selected.


Can you help?

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My sister updated her iphone and says somethings on there aren't working properly.


Sounds like it's a problem with IOS8. Think I will wait before installing IOS8


We can check with HQ on monday for advice

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This seems to be an IOS8 issue - there are apparently issues uploading to Imgur, Imageshack, Photobucket, Google Drive etc.


The developers of our forum are aware of the issue and there is a bug report but I suspect it will be resolved by an IOS8 bug fix.


In the meantime you could try downloading Google Chrome onto your ipad, I believe that people are having success uploading files using that browser instead of Safari.




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