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138 colors - Counted Cross Stitch tapestry (completed)

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That cross stitch is amazing.I have done loads of cross stitch in my time and just started one that will take me some time....for my grandsons wedding present next April 2nd. Loads of work in it..I am writing down the time I spend on it as it will be quite a marathon especially as I  have now a little  arthritis in my fingers of right hand.so haver to chose a good day to work on it.Picture of a budha and the symbolism on the left is purity, strength and truth, then the symbol top left of the budha  is health..working it on 14 count aida with various number of strands in different parts of the working From 1-3 strands at a time.....would be good to complete it for their wedding day, but am not going to rush it as  they can have it when it is completed and framed....your work is fabulous, congratulations...

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It's lovely - I find I can only work on mine in the summer as my eyes need better light now I'm a bit older.  DH is getting a bit rude about how long I've been doing a cushion cover so I really ought to get a move on with it.  Thank you for the inspiration!

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