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working with double ended needles

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I finally picked up my double ended knitting needles.  I've had them for the last 3 years but have never used them.


I think I now have the hang of using them without getting all jumbled up.


So I started a pixie hat no pattern just making it up as I go along with my four needles.


I now wish I'd started at the brim and not the top.


I've already ripped it out twice and I'm not sure how the brim is going to work out.


If I finally get it to work I'll post pictures

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Thanks ladies for the encouragement :)


Well what a numpty I am.  I don't know what gear my brain was in but I'd forgotten to change needle size for the brim.


So I rip out 4 rounds and go ahunting for the correct size DPN's only to discover I don't have the correct size as I only have 3 sets imperial sizes  5, 6 and 7 .  Guess which size I require it's size 9 or 3 3/4mm. (3.75mm)


Searches ebay and found a set and have ordered them.


Oh well I guess while I wait I can make a start on this knitted and sewn knitting needle case I have finished designing. 

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Rather than knit with 4double ended needles I like to use 2 sets of long circular needles and start at the top once you get the hang of turning one set around and leaving the other set dangling it is easy, there is a good you tube video on how to knit with 2 circular knitting needles in the round. I shall look out for your newly designed needle holder.

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