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members not heard from lately.

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Hey there Goosie gumdrops, we are all fine!

Olivia is 20 months now and what a handful, she's lovely and has quite a cheeky streak in her, I cant imagine where that came from. She doesn't talk much yet apart from 'look' and 'that' and instead of saying 'mummy' she yells 'MA' really loudly!!

The other two girls have just started back to school, Emily is in p6 now, she's almost 10 and showing some promise in her gymnastics.

Holly is in p4 and has finally got her two front teeth after waiting for one of them for almost a year!

My son Dan is in his second year at high school, how has that happened so fast??? He's lovely, every now and then a bit of 'teenager' creeps in with his attitude but that's to be expected I suppose.

Hubby and I are still singing in church and we recently had a slot with the church band at a music festival, that was an experience....soooo loud!


I'm not crafting at the moment, just no time with these lot running about, but I'm happy!!!!!

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20 months good grief time has passed quickly. Perhaps her cheeky streak is from her ahem dad..... not  :P  :lol:


. I'm pleased you are all well and before you know it you will get some Claire time when you might get back into crafting.


Those gifted hands can't stay idle forever, your creations are always amazing.


Take care and hopefully you will keep in touch when you can  (((HUGS)))

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A BIG hello from me too Claire. Great to have caught up with you.

Can't believe how quickly time whizzes by. Sounds like you've got your hands full with your family at the moment. Maybe you'll get some craft time at some point in the future.


Take Care. x

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hi everyone havent been on for yonks and seem to have lost my motivation.hoping to return or pop in and out.not really a twitter person or facebook so its just me.wish you all the best and yes i have started a few christmas cards yikes! :)

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