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members not heard from lately.

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There are several people we haven't seen or heard any news of lately......I particularly used to enjoy the input of our own Quilling Queen  Claire Willis and notice the past 2 issues of CB we have had no input from her...I know she has a busy family and for whatever reason she is no longer able to have input on here I am sure with all of you who enjoyed her quillingt we wish her well.....good luck and best wishes.


Bobsie we haven't hard from recently, so hope she is enjoying life and probably a few others too, so hope they will return to the forum when cooler weather strikes us again......or sooner of course..


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Well, you know, even though we don't physically meet, somehow the characters become visible in our minds...and lives intermingle with ideas etc....and then we miss them when they suddenly disappear, for whatever reason off the  forum....a group of unseen friends.

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