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Morning ladies


Sorry been like a ghost the last couple weeks! Summer holidays have been keeping me busy!! I've been clearing a room out a week as well, baking, day trips the works.


I've had no time for knitting so far, but I will make time for some today! It's a must!


Well I'm just chilling in bed with a cappuccino while the boys are ASLEEP!

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Hi fi school holidays are a busy time

I too am having a cuppa in bed and listening to music

Today I am meeting a friend for coffee mid morning

Then my little granddaughter wants me to decorate her gym bag for school

Our kids go back to school on Monday

A better day here weather wise.so another cuppa then shower

BBL.Good morning everyone

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Nice to see your still here L2K.. you'll miss the boys when school starts again, being able to sit and knit in silence..

weather seems a bit calmer this morning, going for my hair cutting then I think I heard my OH say we will have a trip somewhere with a meal out, sounds good to me, not sure where but I would like to go in a certain direction as I want to call in a place that does mail order wool tops but if you go in person you can buy bits which is what I want, don't need lots of one colour but my stocks are low and the craft shops are a lot more expensive.

hope you all have time to craft

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Morning ladies. Very breezy here so tiles blowing nicely and bedding whirring round in the washer. Hopefully I'll get them dried before the rain comes later today.


Hope you enjoyed your coffees in bed this morning and you both get to do crafting of some sort


Eliza love the felting the hillside is so effective. Hope you manage to get your much needed bits and pieces  ;)


Suzy hope your meeting is over quickly so you can get some crafting done too


Have a great day everyone


Take care

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Hi All,


L2K - nice to see you back..that's a shame you haven't had any crafty time. Yeah, being busy sometimes sucks, but what needs to be done needs to be done. I need to gut my house out too.


CN - Ahhh I envy you, I wish I was still in my bed right now..sleeping, eating, relaxing lol


Eliza - those are really lovely felt pictures. I have had a bash at felting, but not in picture form, just 'saft steens' (stones wrapped in felt) and that was fun..and a bit messy hehe!


KQ - have a nice day :)


Goose - hope you have a lovely day too.


I'm at work, late one today and feeling so tired and a bit down. Just have so much going on in my head that it's just all mush!!! Anyhoo...better get back to it and then time for lunch a maybe a bit of hooky time!


BBL xx

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