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Tired Tuesday

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Good morning all.


I have read up in things missed yes you've guessed can't remember who wrote what. :mellow:   but seems to have been lots of busy crafting, no surprise there.


Have seen the lovely lacy knits, something I used to do but  joints tend to hinder me these days so diversification had to come into my craft..

 family say I have OCD on the craft front as I often have more than one project on the go but different crafts,  such as one on sewing machine, one by my chair in front if TV but I never have UFOs,  only project I have that is a bit if a UFO is a hook rug I'm making but that is because my fingers are struggling, it's not put away but I can only do a few tufts at a time.



I won't bore you with my craft group today but fingers crossed it works,   not expecting 30 in future as I know some were there because of the M.P. and councillors but so many seemed to enjoy it and ask questions, i think as we had so many things on show ideas started flowing and the stock we had to dip in helped, people got started on something straight away , the 3 boys were funny, they were so engrossed in what they were making,  all a bit strange, the cushion was far from colour coordinated but guess that what he liked, the artist took great pleasure in covering an old canvas print I had taken from our loft, he painted it in white emulsion which he thought was magic and then used acylics and he seemed to have talent and the wall hanging, it was my idea as I couldn't think what he could make and saw the string,  it is looking good, I'm sure they will be back to finish them as they all have grandma's who visit the coffee events there for a chat so nice for them to be able to take the boys.


Yes craftyN, my husband does paint, pure hobby only but he is good, I also daub out the odd canvas, i use acylics, he does all media, i hate the lingering smell of oils, he loves working with them so conflict at times, I didn't mind them at one time but I have issues with my sense of smell these days, oh joy.



 Sunday we went to the unveiling of the 2 WW1 memorials, it was nice and poppy petals were released that floated over the valley, it was amazing, I found out later it was done by a guy who does special effects for Emmerdale.



Today I have a friend ccalling for coffee,  I have the washer on as rain forecast tomorrow but that aside it is sitting and knitting, still on my dyed 4ply, but running out of wool so having to work some other into the sleeves, it is for my little granddaughter so I can get away with pretty much anything. :wub: she loves clothes and the brighter and whackier the better? 3 year olds are great.  I bought a cheap few remnants of crushed velvet and bright coloured net the other day and I'm going to make her a princess dress, maybe for Christmas. 



Right breakfast time.   Hope you all have a good day, lots of crafty time. 

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Morning Eliza. Your group seemed a big success. Congratulations

I started a crochet bag last night for the challenge I found my eye

Telling me when I had done enough so I will take it slowly as its only 10days

Since cataract was done.

Well off to plan my day.a visit to the garden centre and coffee shop might be on


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not sure if this will post as having a few problems today, but if it does you will see the poppy's floating off down the valley, it was a really magnificent sight, they stayed together until out of sight post-146832-0-67858900-1407228089_thumb.jpg

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Morning :)


Eliza sounds like a great start to your craft group :P  Did you all decide on a name? Poppies look wonderful :)


CN well done on the start to your bag, especially considering your op! :)


I only managed to do some to my bag whilst I watched Alex in the bath yesterday - just too busy.  DF had finally decided to clear away all his tools etc from the dining room and have a general tidy up, which means my sewing machine is now living on the dining room floor... Anyhow it was all hands on deck to sort stuff, which still isn't finished as DF needed to break off to do some prep for work today.


I did manage to do some editing to my book last night for about an hour and who knows, might get a little quiet time today for a little more?  Never enough hours in the day, especially with another trip to the UK on the cards :lol:


Have a good Tuesday folks x

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Morning all. Looking after Sophie today. We think she's teething and has given her mam and dad a couple of sleepless nights so that's where I come in so they can have a nap.


Probably won't get any crafting done until she goes home as she's very niggly.


Eliza poppies look amazing.


Su2ie hope you manage a little me time


CN its good to hear you're not overdoing things and listening to your eye  ;)


Havw a good day and I'll pop in when I can


Take care

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Eliza. Well done on the craft group. It sounds like a big hit. The poppies look amazing.

Hope Sophie settles a little today Goose.

I hate it when my OH starts tidying up, Su2ie. He tends to chuck things out :(

CN. Take it easy , just like your eye says to. :lol: Angry eyes are not funny :)

Off to get washed and dressed (yes i know its late but OH has gone to the shops and i was late to bed last night then didn't sleep)

Speak later when i post a pic of George.


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