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Hello everyone,


You may have noticed my face popping up here and there in the last few issues of Crafts Beautiful - I'm the new Deputy Editor! It's lovely to virtually meet you all.


I truly hope you're enjoying the magazine and can't wait to get chit-chatting with you all about it. Do let me know what you're loving at the moment - whether that's a particular feature you can't wait to see each month, or a craft technique you just can't get enough of.


Happy crafting!


Rosie x

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Hi Rosie,

I haven't been on here much past few weeks, but generally put poems on here from time to time in response to questions and queries etc.I like the content of CB because of the variety of crafts nowadays.....crotchet seems to be coming back with a vengeance, and patchwork is paramount...Early July I started a craft group up here...having been involved in many crafts over the years myself in Canada  it seemed the logical solution to the fact that my mobility is not what it should be so cannot get out as much as would like and needed something to occupy me....so sharing crafts with others is a very worthwhile Monday morning pass time....several people bring their knitting, Another brings embroidery, and yet another quilting and patchwork...I work on greeting cards at the moment which none of them have tried..I must add these are all ladies at the moment and well retired...I am in my late 70's and my main passion is watercolour, which I taught at one time, so have many ideas to share with them...we are a self help group, so any projects we start will have to be thought about very carefully, For the moment the ladies are enjoying their own work and laughing and chatting, so we will see how it progresses..........I shall be taking my copies of CB mags along to show them this coming week...give them ideas possibly...we shall see......welcome aboard. Mary

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