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Very interesting question and answers xxx


Nice to see you back on the forum and hope you will enjoy crafting again  :)


We are about to buy a new printer as well as we haven't had a working one for months now.  Until it died on us we had been using an Epson D92 for about 6 years and it was always so well behaved and was more than happy with the cheap cartridges from Ebay as well.  We would only get an Epson as like to be able to replace all 4 cartridges individually.  We are currently looking at buying the XP-212 which is reduced online at Tesco and also reduced at Argos or the XP312 which from what I can make out must be a newer model, but is slightly slower at printing, but has an lcd screen for choosing pics from you sd card etc which it also has a slot for and can connect to all sorts of other gadgets we don't have hehehe  We are going to take the plunge and decide between them at the weekend...gulp  :lol:   Just hope it will last as long as it's predecessor  :D


Will be interesting to see what you end up choosing as we all clearly like different brands lol xxx

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