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Enormous Surprises in the Williams household...

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Hi everyone,


I know I haven't been around for a while, and I had fully planned to get online last week just to give you an update on how we were and then...


...on Thursday morning, more than 3 weeks before our due date, my waters broke and our very tiny daughter, Josephine Helen, was born by emergency C-Section at 11.38 that morning! I can tell you, it was quite a surprise. We knew she was breach so we had expected an elective section, but we had spent the morning calmly getting Ethan ready for nursery, then dropping him off before going to the hospital and fully expecting them to monitor us and send us home.


But no - we arrived and within an hour we were in theatre and I was holding my brand new baby girl.


Anyway, we're home from hospital now. Josephine is fine and I am recovering (both from the ordeal and from the shock of her early arrival). I'm taking it very easy but I am very, very happy.


Hopefully I'll be back on board soon.


With love to you all


Nancy x

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Congratulations Martingale......so pleased all went well, but a bit worrying at the time...so happy for you.....what a wonderful family you have now.....relax when you can.....Mary

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