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Milder Monday

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Morning all it's a lot milder today but still 22 C. Blue skies, the sun is peeping out and we have a slight very much needed breeze.


My bestie is coming down this afternoon and wants me to teach her how to make shamballa bracelets. It will give us a chance to have a good natter and see how's she's coping (for those who don't know she has mental health issues)


DS and DIL are going shopping so I'll look after little miss Sophie  :wub:  :)


I might get a bit crochet done this morning while me and Sophie sit in the garden.


Hope you all have a good day


Take care


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Well sunny here and about 23.

I Took my eldest to school then had to take my middle boy to the hospital for an out patient check up on his fractured fingertip. He was discharded, so back to school to drop him in. Ive done my HW, washing is out, dinner is prepped, (we are having venison),so I suppose all that's left to do is to go sit in the garden with my knitting. Oh what a pain :D


Goose- enjoy your day.


Ana-sorry to hear that you've had no crafty time.



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Nothing much happening here, back to work and so so tired..own fault didn't go to bed until late as I was sitting making up some wedding favours (glass charms) last night and got carried away. Only form of crafting I got done this weekend though :(


Wool arrived on Saturday :) YAY but I never had chance or motivation (just shattered) to do anything with it and got my skeins of Alpaca wool. Haven't dyed them yet as I am slightly worried about ruining them :( Oh and no success trying to find some cheapy wool that I can try out the home dye on yet..everything was acrylic :(


Also got an extra surprise delivery on Saturday..the trials bridesmaid dress I ordered online arrived so I had two of my bridesmaid try it on and it looks absolutely WONDERFUL! Just need to take my sister seamstress to get her to check quality (I have no clue when it comes to sewing finishes etc) and what needs to be adjusted to make it fit one of my bridesmaids :) Once we are happy, we will order the other two from same supplier which means..I have saved myself a mini fortune on bridesmaid dresses :)


Goose - oo Shamballa bracelets, my sister and nieces can make these, I have no clue. Sorry to hear your friend is troubled with such things :( No one can every truly know how it is for someone going through that sort of thing..and it's great that she has you being there for her :)


Ana - oh no, no crafty time sucks! I am hoping to get some crafty time in at some point this week but not sure when as I need to buckle down and get on with some college coursework as having been procrastinating too much of late.


Love2Knit4MeBoys - wish I had your motivation LOL...and wish I was at home too LOL That's good about your son...everything all healed okay?


Hope everyone has a lovely crafty afternoon!

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Pastry made and resting in fridge until later when I'll be making some quiches and custard tart. Tomatoes chopped and sitting in a mixture of soy sauce, lime juice and chopped mint mmm.

Eggs boiled for salad so it's crochet o clock  :lol:


Still very clammy at 26 C(  phew)  and windows and doors all open, think I'm sitting in a greenhouse <_<



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Afternoon all :)


Been trying to make the short this morning but not finished them yet.  Was having a text conversation with my youngest son who was waiting for his future SIL to finish work to help her carry shopping home.  Sounded like lovely weather where his is - just drizzle here.  It's bright though so I carried my washing outside to peg out then realised it was raining :lol: 


Still unwell too.  Does anyone remember me saying I was going down with a cold about a week ago?  Well its developed into a chesty cough & I ache all over from it.  Fed up of coughing :unsure:


Goose hope you're still enjoying crochet o'clock :rolleyes:

Ana fingers crossed you can continue your interior soon :)

Fi I wish I had your energy!  Sounds like a productive day :D

Angel you sound super busy too! Good luck with the wool ^_^


Right better go and see what my girls are up to as they've gone quiet :ph34r:

Have a good afternoon all x

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