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Milder Monday

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Hello, quick one as I'm at work and want to get out for a walk! :)


Goose, absolutely delighted your bestie's back home safe and sound. Really the best news. :D

Ana, hope you get a rest from all the 'busy' soon.

Fi, enjoy the garden and your knitting - sounds like you've earned it!

Angel, wow you're a busy bee too! Your new wool sounds lovely - alpaca is so nice to work with.

Su2ie, hope that beastly cough goes soon. Sounds like you have miserable weather again too - wanna swap? :)


Right, I'm heading out before the sun goes in. T'ra for now! :)

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I've come indoors for a bit as it's rather warm.

Goose- mmm can I come to yours for dinner pretty please :)


Angel - sounds like you've been super busy. Could you not half one of the balls you have to test?


Su2ie ahh poor you! I hate colds/coughs that linger around like a bad smell. Hopefully you've been to the des as sounds like its antibiotic time?


Knit&flee- enjoy your walk.



Filled a raised bed I have in the garden with our finally ready compost (3/4 years it's taken. So been turning that over.


My smaller one just has herbs in it at the moment as we thought we may have been moving in June.

Well I better get on with my knitting before the boys need picking up.


Speak soon

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Goose - very jealous of crochet time :(


Su2ie - thanks. Yeah I am always busy.


K&F - Hi and thanks. Yeah it feels sooo lovely and I can't wait to crochet with it..just need to practice the whole dying wool thing LOL


L2K4MB - Hmm..not sure if the wool I have (other than the alpaca) is okay to use for dying. Many of them don't have labels :( Or did you mean split the alpaca skein? I have two 100g skeins. Ooo garden work. We are in process of getting bits and bobs done to our garden too..hoping to have a summerhouse (crafty hideaway) up before end of summer *fingers crossed* and maybe some pots with plants in it.


Right..better get on with it.

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Afternoon :)


Fi our doctors like you to give it at least 3 weeks to get over a cough before they'll give antibiotics & I just know a trip there will cost between €70-€100 :blink:


K&F will gladly swap!  Even the kittens have given up and stayed indoors today :lol:


Angel can well understand your reluctance.  Would even cutting off a small amount help to determine how the dye is going to work?


Anyhow just having a sit down after sorting and putting away a load of laundry.  I was less than 30 seconds upstairs and I could hear my girls falling out :huh: The kittens have gone to ground under my chair for a snooze - wise decision!


Finished 3 pairs of shorts & already one pair is in the wash due to Alex meddling outside in the rain *sigh*  Still have to make my cropped trousers - maybe tomorrow.  I'm waiting on some more of the linen look cotton to arrive too so I can complete my summer wardrobe :)


Have a good evening all x

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Angel- yeah split the alpaca skein... I would love a crafty room :(


Su2ie - oh gosh it's sooo expensive there!!! You have been busy with the summer wardrobe.. My boys summer holidays start next Thursday! Are yours off now?


Well the boys are in bed asleep. I have a banana bread in the oven as the bananas are not lasting in the heat. So will give each of the boys a slice for their pack lunch, that's inc hubby :D


Well I'm going to be relaxing on the sofa with my knitting and a cuppa x

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