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Two cover kit makes , and a side-knit scarf.

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From the LK Corsage Kit cover gift some time ago.

I used the yarn for a larger size toddler beanie from the  Hattie teacosy pattern.

With a bobble on the top!


And a Crochet Dream-catcher from a mag kit.

Buttons from  stash and last year's beachcombing feathers and shells


Five balls of fuschia-mix Sirdar Curly Wurly

became a long side knit scarf in stocking stitch.

using 200 stitches on a 6.5 mm circular needle.







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wow imagination runs wild and fabulous with it too.....I had a day to self today and was going to get on with an opportunity to start sewing my daughters bag or her birthdsy in August, butwhat did I do?  tidied up cupboards, did a load of washing, then a load of ironing, then wrote a letter..then filled in some forms, cooked myself  lunch and suddenly the day has gone, and hobby will be home in about half an hour....darn it...I was to have a restful day.however.  tomorrow is another day...but with hubby out for the day...he decided to go to Reading on the 'bus...should be home shortly and here I am on the laptop looking as though I haven't don a thing all day.......and he will be wanting his tea...

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Oh, my gran daughter 23. came in last Saturday, she wanted to show me how she was getting on with her knitting....she had mastered it well \i thought, as she is left handed and difficult to learn from me, right handed, she had gone on to u tube for instructions for left handers and was really mastering it well..the crotchet...I just showed her chain and treble and she is making squares for a blanket...mind you, whenever she comes I seem to be handing out wool..and my stock of knitting needles and crotchet hooks are dwindling...must watch that..I could never imagine her knitting or crotcheting as she is into photography of a heavy rock band etc. that perform regularly and quite a mixture, but a fabulous person...well, she is my grand daughter....with diverse interests........any way. if anyone gets sstuck with knitting stitches and crotchet stitches it seems U tube is the answer..haven't looked myself..

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