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Saturday. ..

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good evening everyone , this is the second time I have tried to post on here today

I was  interrupted by an invite to a friend for coffee earlier :)


well I have done heaps of crochet today I take it with me whenever possible and I reckon I will complete it over the weekend


I think you have diagnosed your headaches fi try cutting out the caffine and WEAR your glasses,

its awful having headaches


your aunt sounds like a handful eliza , you deserve a medal


everyone seems to be fine today so have a good evening all

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Evening ladies.

Been such a lovely day. There is something about the sun that gets me in a good mood.... We went for our bike ride, came back and had italian chicken, minted lamb and spicy couscous for dinner. All the boys inc hubby are playing the wii now lol.


I've only got a couple of rows done on my cardi as it's a 32 row chart pattern which you need to solely concentrate on.


Goose- the blocks sound great. How's the blanket coming along?


Tracey- Ooooo what cardi and blanket are you doing?


Crafyie Nannie - sounds like you have got quite a bit done. I've started to take my knitting everywhere now.

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Fi - Sounds like you've had a lovely day.....Your dinner sounds scrummy. :) am just doing a basket weave baby blanket, and a cardi for myself. Started both an age ago and got bored of knitting them!! Thought I'd try and get them finished though. :) Feels like they're taking forever too. Hahaha. :)


Suzy - Enjoy the meal with your friends. :)


CN - Sounds like you've had a really busy day to. Enjoy your evening. :)


We are having a yummy barbecue.....Tasty food and salad.....Washed down with a glass of wine. Lovely. :)

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It's still 22 C in my sitting room and that's with the window open. Going to have an early night as my bedroom faces west and is much cooler.


I've only done a few rows of my crochet blanket as I have have been concentrating on cutting out pieces for my quilt blocks - some have up to 40 odd pieces whilst others may be around 8. I'll take some pics of the 6 blocks I've finished.


Sounds like everyone has been full of busy and have had an enjoyable day.  Catch you tomorrow



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