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Saturday. ..

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Gosh weekend here again. .they come so quick. .my aunt ..it's another stroke leaving vascular dementia and vascular something else that is causing her leg problem...she never ailed a thing until her 85th birthday and was a very self centred person. ..she had what she called friends who I let know which home she was in and it's one near where they all live but not one has been to see her in 4 years. Says it all. Same with her family so it's all down to me...does get to me at times..but hey ho...at least they can now sort her medication.


Thought I'd write before I take my new pill..which means I'm doing this on phone so a bit hard ...


Frozen is a favorite. .my little granddaughter was running around the garden singing it..I must have looked a bit ?? Mummy said don't laugh your honoured she's singing an dancing for you..decided we won't enter her for Britains got Talent just yet...I'll have to see if I can find the fabric.


Hope you all have a crafty weekend...I've pulled out fine cotton to crochet..it's easier for me just now than thicker..OH said "just leave crafting till you improve" just don't get it do they. .

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Morning Eliza and everyone else, I'm so glad it's the weekend with nothing to do except sit and craft apart from going swimming for an hour. It's beautiful here again today, I hope it holds for the text cricket which will go into it's fifth day tomorrow. Not that I hold out much hope for England, India have batted brilliantly and England enough said.


Eliza you say your aunt has always been self centred, perhaps that's why her family don't visit her, we reap what we sow. Have a good crafting day.

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Morning all :)


Eliza what a shame with your aunt & hugs to you, you are a star caring for her when all others have stepped aside.  My eldest got a treat from daddy with the frozen song.  He got the instrumental track for "let it go" then had her sing along to the original with headphones on before merging the instrumental with her voice so when we play it back she's singing along on her own (hope that makes sense!) It brings tears to your eyes :P


Suzy have a very good day crafting :P  I've just read the instructions for my cropped trousers, all okay until I get to the zip insertion with flaps all over the place :lol:


Anyhow today we're all off to the opticians, me to collect my new glasses & DF for an eye test.  Might take the girls to the shops while he's being tested and get them some new summer clothes.


Very dull and overcast here today again.  I did wear my newly sewn skirt shopping yesterday though.  I'm chuffed with it.  Really need to get someone to take photos of me wearing all my makes... Might make a shorter version of the skirt with the left over material.  Its a linen look cotton and was lovely to work with and wear.  I have more on order ;)


Matters seem to have settled with our holiday arrangements too, thankfully!


Have a good day folks x

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Morning ladies.


I awoke at 4.30 with a headaches for the 5th day now I think? I've been getting them in long stints a lot lately. I had no pills so took 15mls of the boys Calpol :D

Hubby left for work at 6 and found me a cocodamol (1) mind. Which knocked me out till 8.45. That was when my middle child Charlie came in my room and was demanding breakfast :) .. He is a gannet lol he is always hungry and surprisingly not overweight :D.


It's forecasted for temperatures up to 26. So looks promising. I've washing in the machine. Beds are made, and the Hoover has been put around. The boys have completed half of their homework will do other half either this evening or tomorrow.. Awaiting shopping g then off out on a bike ride once hubby is home.


The weather is so erratic, yesterday Wellington boots and today shorts and t-shirts!!


Will probably get on with my new project (lace cardigan in "on the needles") here and there then more this evening.


Eliza - I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt it's not nice to see them like that when you still remember how they was. I hope it all works out in the end.


Suzzana- enjoy your cricket and craft day :)


Su2- glad all is sorted with family, with the holiday plans. A weight lifted I bet. New glasses how nice. I haven't been wearing mine (thinking might be the reason with the headaches) and I've recently gon back on caffeine (usually have decaf).

Enjoy your trip to town. X

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Afternoon ladies. It's a belter her 28C phew.


Done my shopping this morning and second load of washing (decided to change the beds) is now merrily on the line enjoying the sun.


Going to cut out some more pieces for my quilt blocks so I have a few ready to sew perhaps in the garden or if I go anywhere I can take one block with me.

It's a bit like my crochet blanket - using same colours but pairing them with a different colour iykwim.


Got the window wide open and there's quite a cooling breeze coming in TG.


Have a lovely day with family, friends and a little bit crafting if you can


Take care

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Afternoon Ladies.


Eliza - Sorry to hear about your aunt. It's difficult. Enjoy your crochet. :)


Suzy - Hope you had a lovely swim.....And enjoyed a crafty day.


Su2ie - The song track sounds like a brilliant idea. :) So glad your holiday plans are sorted. :) Your skirt sounds great. Hope to see pics sometime. :)


Fi - Hope your headache has gone and you managed to enjoy your day. With some knitting of course. :)


Denise - Enjoy your quilty block day! We have all doors and windows open here too. No breeze about at the moment though.


A sunny day here. Washing dried. Barbecue later....Food all prepared and ready to go! With a glass of wine this evening too I think. :)


Am knitting a baby blanket at the moment.....in between some crochet and trying to finish a cardi for myself. Something I haven't done in ages. :)


Have a lovely evening. x

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