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hope your wool arrives tomorrow angel

and I know how you feel not wanting to be interviewed goose

su2ie hope holiday plans get smoothed over , pity it didn't go to plan

I forget who is going to be dying alpaca wool , cant wait to see it

ana my son is a chef in Edinburgh and is always cutting himself it worries me

love2 the fabric is disneys frozen as that's granddaughters latest craze, she is 5yrs old


I had a very prolonged leisurely lunch with plenty chat so fabric has not been cut out

however I did have my crochet with me :lol: :lol: this African flower motive has me hooked


its still hot here and I can just see the mist lying out to see, hope it stays there

I was glad to see eliza post I thought she might be ill, hope your arthritis calms down

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Thanks CN! !


It's easy to get lost with who said what..It was me that will be dying the alpaca wool :) and I think it was me asking about the Disney fabric!!


Well this has been one helluva long day..going to go out DD down to bed..get some jobs done round house. .do some college work then bed. Then onto a new day..and it WILL bring me wool one way or another lol


Night folks! ! Xx

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Oh wow page 5 already!! Well we haven't long got back from seeing "how to train you dragon2" at the cinema with the boys. The boys are pooped. Received the two eldest's school report. So a proud mummy. Aaron enjoyed his graduation from pre-school yesterday.


I'm pooped bit starving I could so eat a large pizza right now!!


Oh no!!! The wool didn't arrive!!!! Pfffft. I wouldn't be a happy bunny either


Most girlies are in to that frozen aren't they. I don't have any girls :( so I have ninja turtles, Star Wars, cars and one dragons :D


Goose- oh gosh!!! Murdered. I would decline to :(


Suz- you can't please everybody!! Do what's best for you and your family!! You should never feel guilty about that.


Sorry to hear about your job Ana


Sorry if I missed anyone out.

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