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The iron wins on Thursday

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Morning all bet you're all thinking crazy title for the is post  :lol:  I have been trying to ignore my de-creasing pile but it's got to the point that I need to tackle it so the iron wins  :) or is that  :(


Bit dull but still quite clammy.


I'll pop back later after I defeat the iron and finish  :P


Have a good day


Take care

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Morning :)


My ironing basket has freaky abilities - no matter how much I try to keep it down its always overflowing :blink:


Really hoping today is the day to cut out my skirt!  Feel like I've done a days work already but the place is still such a mess.  DF not long gone to work (he's normally off today) so I don't have the car & can't get my glasses unless he returns by 5pm which is unlikely... 


Goose hope you don't have to spend too many hours holding the iron!

Ana hope you manage to escape the quilt covers!


I'm off for a shower now - not had chance yet this morning.

Have a good day all x

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:)please all stop talking about ironing, I am trying to ignore mine


I love the new make alien is that the wool you dyed with your little one yesterday

hope you get your skirt cut our su2ie, you must have a lot of patience


has anyone heard if eliza is ok , I have not seen her posts for a few days


its dull here and my mood fits the weather , off to get a cuppa and some craft therapy


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Well my basket is only half full (for now I'm sure it multiplies by itself   :lol: ) and everything is hanging up. The iron is once more hidden in the cupboard  :P


I  have put a pic of my big blanket on the On the needles thread as a WIP.


Alien the colours are lovely - your daughter has good taste in colours.


Time for a cuppa and a sarnie while I put my feet up. 


The sun is shining beautifully through the window so I might sit in the garden for lunch.


Happy crafting ladies

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