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Buying more crochet hooks

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Any one else like me have a number of different sets of crochet hooks but forever losing certain ones?


I'm working on 2 projects at the moment and I've lost hooks for them both.


I've gone through all my sets and it appears I've completely out of 3mm and 3.5mm hooks and the alternative old imperial size.  DOH!


So I decided just to buy one of each size ie 2 hooks.


After much searching and comparing prices over the internet guess what I've discovered.


It's works out cheaper for me if I buy a set of 12 hooks than if I buy 2 single hooks.


So I've gone and bought myself  2 sets of 12 hooks each.


Now I know I have two of the 3mm and 2 of the 3.5mm hooks at least and all the other's basically for free lol

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