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I'm on main computer and can see everything, think I get lazy picking up phone and then find I can't see what your all talking about, so..love2knit, the haircut is so nice, my daughter keeps saying she is going to have her long locks removed but..... she was here the other day very early I went and got a shower, blow dried my hair and back downstairs in 15 mins, wow said she, short hair said I   :)


As for the meeting of the celebs, I never ask for autographs, I always feel as though I would be intruding to their relax time, having said that I don't think twice about chatting to them, a lady sat behind us asked for Robin Windsor's and he was nice about it so... never thought when sat next to Robin I could have told him about my meeting with Lisa Riley as they are good friends since Strictly Dancing, she was funny, a lot of the stars lived around here, a number of years back I went to a cosmetics eve and Lisa was there as she lived next door, she was a laugh a minute, thinking about it I have met a lot of the "Yorkshire soaps" cast in the past, once in the florist and in walked Nick Berry when he was in Heartbeat, at a Bradford hospital with my husband and they were filming The Royal and I was asked to be an extra, I declined as even though I just had to sit in bed I had gone to give support to my husband who was having a full day of tests, but our car was in the programme, taken at Scarbrough and we had a new car but it was sandwiched between 2 x 1960's and on film you couldn't tell that it was an intruder stood outside The Royal Hospital.  So there you are, my claims to fame.   ;)


I found the vintage clothes show good, although some of the prices and then chop em up, I think I am a bit too old to do Vintage, I was in a cafe a while back and a mum and daughter sat at next table, the mum had a vintage bag and the daughter remarked on it, saying the words "an old bag for an old bag" give it to me... think mum made her pay for the tea.   :D   :o I tend to agree with her take on Vintage though, something for the young, having said the I am thinking about recycling some items I have.


I love using cotton yarn, hear the local shop has some 3ply in and I was thinking about treating myself, but need to finish what I have on the go, my latest talk to me said "Eliza..never start another project until you have finished the ones on the go"...I am really trying, don't mind different crafts at once but no more than ONE knitting, ONE crocheting, ONE sewing etc..wonder how long I will keep it up?  :huh:  :o  :rolleyes:


Keeping my eye on the weather as laundry flapping and so are the clouds.


Like the patchwork ball, but if I made one for the grandchildren the dogs would find it, not really the dogs fault as the children throw anything ball like towards them.   -_-

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Hello all.

have just read all of the posts but my head is all fuzzy. :unsure: I apologize. I have a legitimate excuse though.

I had a biopsy taken from my nose this morning that will be tested for skin cancer. I have a patch of what looks like freckles, all grouped together on the bridge of my nose. The specialist couldn't tell by just looking so i had the thing today. Now i have a three week wait to tell me whatever. Strange thing is though, my sister had a mole removed from off of her nose at the beginning of the week for the same reason :huh:

I will be knitting and sleeping and dosing myself up with pain killers today. Oh and my OH is buying chinese for tea so i dont have to cook later :)

I will try to pop back later if awake :lol:  :lol:


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Afternoon ladies.


Well all is calm here so far lol. I have 30mins to spare before I have to collect the boys. Done half the HW :D .. I start with good intentions, and end up doing something else far more interesting. Although I've done a couple bits here and there and will do the same tomorrow.


Washing Aaron's pirate outfit for tomorrow's non uniform day. The older two just have a plain noon uniform day. Then it's Aaron's fun day after school then the schools fun day Saturday. Which I'm only going to bother to attend if it's not raining as we have a forecast of rain and thunder from tomorrow, for the weekend.


The boys have youth centre today so they will have the left over beef curry from Tuesday.

Not sure what hubby and I will have mmmmm...


I saw the vintage programme which has given me some inspiration.


Su2ie- sounds like you have had a couple days of it. Glad you got your eyes sorted.

Suzzana- your granddaughter sounds adorable. I loved the boys at that age.

Crafty Nannie- have a great day.

Knit&flee- enjoy the tennis. Hope works hurry up for you.

Eliza- I'm def liking the short hair and all the perks of it lol. I know what you mean with TRYING to be strict with how many WIPS you have on the go. I only have 4 which I THINK is quite reasonable lol

Bud- fingers crossed for your results!! Enjoy the Chinese mmmm I love a Chinese.

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hello, hope your feeling ok bud .and try not to worry about results

eliza good luck with works in progress , I think its better not to count :lol:


glad to hear you are enjoying your hair Fiona, hope boys have a good time

knittingqueen love the patchwork ball what a lucky girl leah is


hope you get some quiet time with kittens su2ie , I forgot how active they can be


well still dull here so made tattie soup today , its lovely on a damp day like this

off to find something to do whilst watching telly this evening, have a good one folks

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Thank you Fiona and CN. I had a lovely Chinese followed by more pain killers :lol:  Its not too bad until I need to blow my nose :o

I am having an early night. I shall be watching Holby then that will be me done.


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Well my day was photocopying notices to go through 20+ doors uphere...my friend delivered them......all about the Craft Group I hope to set up soon......As we have panting being done on 7th July I shall go down to the hall and make greeting cards, with the idea of people coming and having a go, or asking questions and me generally drumming up interest in crafts...I want to find out what folk are interested in making...I know one is interested in dolly pegs so shall dig a couple of mine out and make those up.....keeping my ear to the ground....determined this group witl work...want to keep them intrested....but my energy levels are a bit low at the moment so must conserve my energy when I can..not giving up that easily...now to find some oddments for the cards...found some lovely bright tiny buttons, so thats a start and bits of ribbon......and some blank cards.....glues etc...and double sided tapes, so we are well away....best go...watching Foyles War on TV and so 'Bye for now....Mary

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