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Work-at-home Wednesday

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Good morning everyone. :) I managed to sleep 'til 4:07am this morning so an improvement of about an hour and a half!


Stakreem, thanks for all your advice on olives, I'm very appreciative. :) Kenwood Chefs are brill - I had one for many years.


It's work-at-home day today and DHL are redelivering something - no idea what - guess I'll find out later! Have a good day all! :)

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Morning :)


How exciting K&F!  Mind you with us its normally a delivery for DF he's forgotten about not goodies for me :lol:


Well its mayhem here as they're digging up the paths to fit us with water metres and we never know when the water is going to be on or off!  DF is still in Wales, probably until Monday now... I had to go to town yesterday and trudged all over until I found some clasps/key rings I could use for my teacher gifts.  They were plastic in the end but looked okay.  Will put up a pic when I get chance.


Today I'm popping to town to have my eyes tested and I have a mountain of de-creasing to do too so probably not much chance for crafting although I do need to sew a button on my jeans and I have a small pile of clothes needing adjustments so I can get a bit more life out of them :P


Kittens are growing and getting bold too.  Maisy was about to disappear over the garden wall yesterday before I grabbed hold of her.  We have high walls but she used the clematis (one of the few plants we have in our garden) to make her escape!!!


Right best get on I guess.  Have a good day all x

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morning all... I finished knitting my waistcoat, hurrah.... :D  got bands to do but going to crochet them ;) , I have hated knitting every stitch :angry:  but got a stubborn streak and it wasn't going to beat me, bet I never wear it. :wacko:


Going to the theatre tonight to see Wicked, :D  it has just startled it nationwide tour, tried to see it each time we have been in London but never managed it, so really looking forward to it, meeting daughter and SIL  for a meal first, to a theatrical style bar that has a pianist on been in for a drink before and enjoyed to place and noticed the food being served and it looks lovely... so treat time... daughter is back at work now doing reduced hours this week and next week she is on holiday, they have booked a lodge for a restful week, think she needs it.


Planning my next sat in a chair project, can't decided what to do, I have the lacy scarf on the go but saving that to take with me as we go away again soon, did buy a pack of 6 fat quarters thinking the colours are right for my bedroom, wondering about a paper pieced runner for our bed?  not sure.. more thought needed, could crochet more flowers as I made a start on a topiary tree for my craft room and also started a wreath to go with it, have wool wrapped them, just need the flowers.... oh so many ideas... ;)


Keep crafting...................... :rolleyes:

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Hello, that's my working day done and I'm going to watch the Murray vs Rola game at Wimbledon and forget work ever existed - it's been a bit of a morning. :)


Su2ie, hope the water meter mayhem is over soon!

Eliza, enjoy your trip to the theatre tonight.


My parcel arrived and it was a surprise birthday gift from Libertys! They sent me a bottle of body wash in rose and lemon rind flavour and it smells soooo good! Like top quality Turksih delight. Yum! :P


Have a good afternoon folks. :)

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afternoon all you crafty people , I have taken photos of some finished items and will post in crochet and other techniques too


eliza enjoy your trip to theatre that show sounds fab

su2ie hope you get rid of workmen soon , water meters are not here yet

K&F glad you got some extra sleep do you go to bed at the same time each

night, my problem is getting to sleep, enjoy your body wash


been a great day here washing on the line , I am trying to decide what craftproject to do this evening , I still need to put weights in my chess set butlost interest somehow, 32 little chess men bored me


have a good evening everyone

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Afternoon ladies. Hope all of you have had lovely days :).

Well I've chopped off all my hair :) feels cooler and it's nice for my hair to be finished in 10 mins. So decent hair days for the school runs.


I've had quite a busy day. Making blueberry muffins for the boys pack lunches, School run, cleaning of kitchen, shopping delivered, doctors for Aaron's finger, putting washing away, hanging out washing out blah blah blah. Looooool.


No crafting today as of YET MIGHT I ADD.. Lol.


Dinner done and dusted. All I have to do is bath the boys then make flapjacks for the boys pack lunches tomorrow.


Knit&flee sounds like a better afternoon than morning.

Su2ie- sounds like you have had a day of it to. Hope you get some craft time tonight.

Eliza I love you thinking. Endless possibilities :D

Crafty Nannie- Ooooo I'm going to have a butchers.


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