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Swell Sunday

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Lovetoknit the app is called The championships Wimbledon 2014. It is free.


My frog still has no back legs as I have been fiddling around looking in the apps store and got 2apps . One to learn Italian and the other to brush up and learn Spanish. Both I have put on my kindle fire. It will certainly exercise my brain and to feed the brain I eat cold mackerel sandwich.


Your BBQ sounds great with all that marinated stuff. We still have sunshine so hopefully you have it too. OH is mowing the orchard so I better think about something for his tea probably be a cheese toasted sandwich in the George Foreman grill.

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Hello again :)


Phew!  Sorted the bank transfer.  My sister suggested I get a paypal account so I signed up and paid my €20 with a charge of €1.03 so much better than €15 lol.  Should have done that years ago!  We aren't issued cheque books from our bank although they'd probably charge for that too :huh:


Oh dear, must dash as the girls are after my attention again & they've been rather trying again today.


Have a good evening folks x

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Evening all I've had a lazy Sunday sitting in my friends garden sewing a little patchwork ball for Leah.

Hope you all had a good day.

Denise you must be relieved your bestie has been found safe and well. You can now relax on holiday have a good one.


I'm now going to cast on an aran cardi.

Have a good evening

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Well the boys are bathed and in bed as of 7pm. I'm comfy on the sofa with the needles making progress on the left front of cardi.


Stakreem - mackerel sandwich :D

Su2ie- I hope your having an easier evening! Glad you found an alternative to your transfer problem.

Suzzana- sounds like a great day. Love an Aran cardi



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