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Swell Sunday

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Good morning.


Sun is beaming here already!! The boys and I are just having our breakfast. Will put the washing on and potter around cleaning.. I finished the right front of the cardigan last night so will start the left front today.


Goose- that's great news :)

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Morning all it is lovely here too I have a breeze blowing through the house, after leaving the strawberries layered in sugar over night I made the preserve this morning whole strawberries and it has set lovely. I am glad your bestie has been found poor soul she must be feeling in a real pickle.


I look forward to seeing the rest of your cardigan lovetoknit. I still have frog prince to finish hopefully will do that today. And sew his eyes on.


I am looking forward to Wimbledon tomorrow my son added an app all about Wimbledon when the players are playing ect. So I won,t miss anything. Anyway have a good day all I,ll be back later.


Picture is a work in progress.

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Hello :)


Oh what a morning!  I was setting up my card reader for my internet banking, got so distracted by the girls arguing I ended up putting in my pin wrong 3 times and blocked my card!  So I had to go to an ATM to unblock it & wouldn't you know the first 2 machines were broken (2 car journeys) so I had to go to the main branch which is a park and walk job.  Got home, sorted reader, went to make payment through it and discovered our robbing bank wanted to charge €15 to transfer €20 to the UK!!!!


Anyhow about to do lunch now and hoping to relax later with either sewing or crochet.  Its a bit cooler here today and it looks like it will rain later.


Fi you're doing well with your cardi - look forward to seeing it finished :P

Linda your frog prince is looking fabulous already!

Goose very good news they've found your friend.  I hope she's not too traumatised.


Have a good day all x

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Daughter back from hospital, a bit groggy and she is coming here tomorrow as has to have someone with her for 48 hours


Lovely day with grandchildren yesterday, little boy is now 'spot' less.. seems it may not have been measles after all, he was still very poorly though. yesterday they were playing in a big paddling pool..complete with a boat they could ride in.


right going to my friends for a crafty catch up with a glass of wine.


Love the frog prince...how annoying when your cards blocks,

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Afternoon All.


Another sunny day here.


Denise - Great news that your friend has been found. Hope all is ok with her.


Fiona - Your cardy is looking great. Can't wait to see it finished. :)


Linda - Love Frog Prince he looks fab. Your preserve sounds delicious. :)


Su2ie - Such a performance to unblock your card. Glad it's all sorted now though. And as for bank charges, they are horrendous!! Hope you have a relaxing crafty afternoon. :)


Eliza - Sounds like your grandchildren had lots of paddling pool fun. Am so glad your daughter is out of hospital now. Enjoy your wine and crafty catch up. :)


And now it's garden.....cuppa.....and knitting for me.


Have a lovely afternoon all. x

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Afternoon ladies.


Well I've been in the garden most of the day. Just came in for a cuppa and mini strawberry tart ;) (Stakreem)..... Played football with the boys, tennis with the hubby. Castes on the left front and done the rib waistband and started on the 5th row of pattern.


Will have to continue later as I've marinated all our meat for a BBQ. Mustard and honey pork chops, hot n spicy chicken, mixed salad, flatbreads etc. my slimming world has gone out the windows this weekend!! Well i have put on 4lbs since I started 3 weeks ago :D


I will start again on Tuesday (weigh in) looooool


Stakreem- what is the app called?

Su2- that is a rip off for the transfer!! Hardly worth it!!! Pfffft

Eliza- I'm glad your daughter is recuperating. Sounds like quality family time with the grand kids.

Tracey- I like your thinking

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