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Happy Saturday

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I thought today would be peaceful and easy....My hubby ws like a child ready to go on a special outing...never seen him so happy...My oldest stepson finally got in touch after 4 years no news or very little (this was after my other stepson had contacted him and had a long chat with him so he came by train from Brmingham and is staying with his brother and his family and they decided to take my hubby up to London for the day...I cannot possibly go with my health issues, so was planning a very peaceful quiet day sewing...however, I decided to shampoo the part of the carpet we could see, then decided I just had to get to the post office and the hill nearly finished me off as so hot today,,however...came back and decided to get on with sewing cutting out...then realized I need a contrast fabric before I could proceed...however, could I find my cutting out scissors...."no"...owever, the kitchen scissors seemed sharp so did cut out the main pattern, but cannot proceed with that until I can get some more fabrc in a different colour...shame I had wanted to proceed to the sewing stage this afternoon...never mind, had a salad lunch, then nodded off in the chair. I had thought about going out to unch but toohot....such is life..oh they have just arrived home...

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Goose think I was posting the same time as you earlier as missed you.  Hope you've had a fun afternoon of sewing :)


Tracey hopefully its like riding a bike and all your skills will come back ;)  Both my sons did needle work in secondary school, taught by a woman I was at school with but who funnily enough wasn't in my needlework class!


K&F knickers?! :blink: Will you be sharing a photo with us? ;)

Suzy so you've been supervising the work creche then? :lol:  The girls have quit falling out for the moment in favour of driving me crazy aggravating the kittens and making a toy barrier across the room :huh:

Mary I feel worn out just reading about your busy day!  Hope you have your feet up now.


Anyhow tea is all done and dusted here, will be speaking to DF on Facetime at 7pm then plan on getting the girls to bed by 8pm so I can have some me time.  It's funny but once its just me and the kittens they follow me into whatever room I'm in, even if its just the kitchen for a drink and will sleep under my chair.  So sweet :)


Have a good evening all x

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Well, they had a lovely time and a belated Fathers Day gift of treats all over the place for my hubby...just what he needed, so tomorrow they are taking us to Marlow by the river for coffee, so very little walking for me....mind you I have a wheelchair (only used once in a whole year), as too many hills and family always too busy at weekends to take thieir old mum out), but tomorrow won't need it, so that will be lovely...then my eldest stepson going back to Birmingham via train and my younger stepson going to meet his wife, 4 year old son and mother in law from the airport after their week in Teneriffe, so thats our weekend......had a phone call from Teberiffe and the  4 year old Edward had been to the zoo and asked me what it was he was pretending to be....Absolutely no idea..........A parrot.....and could I knit him one....oh dear...I suppose thats what grandmas are for..

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