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Happy Saturday

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Stakreem - How Do You Say "buongiorno"? bwohn/DJOHR/noh

No sadly they didn't do too well :(


Strawberry tart maybe? Pavlova? I like a bit of formula 1 to. What time does it start?


Susie- I'm the the same hair all over the gaff in my pjs putting the bins out, getting the post off the postman :D ahhhh I hate those morning when you can tell what mood the children are in the minute they wake up!!! I'd love to be able to use a sewing machine and make all my own clothes! Your very talented.


Tracey- we must swap a day :D


Well jakes homework is done, and Charlie has two pieces left to do on the computer which he is in progress of doing!! Third load is on. Housework done.


So time to enjoy the garden and my needles hurray!!!!

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Su2ie - Hope you get to do some crafting at some point today. :)


Linda - All your strawberry ideas sound so yummy. :)


Fiona - Sounds like you're going to get some knitting done now.....Yipeeee. :) And the 'Swap a Day' did make me chuckle. :)


Have a lovely afternoon everyone.

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Formula 1is live on sky I don,t know what time as I don,t have sky but I shall be seeing it at 5 o'clock on the BBC highlights of the 3rd practice and qualifying.


Su2ie where are your parents in the country, I have been picking since the 7th June maybe in the south east here it is just the right weather. They need to pop over here and pick there own I still have plenty.


The plum trees are also laden this year, we have just discovered a wasps nest in the eves of our neighbours cabin which looks directly out on to our orchard about 20feet away from the plums but wasps are a friend to the garden ears so we are going to let them be. I will have to pick the plums semi ripe so that they don,t get them here is a pic of the nest.



Thanks lovetoknit for the pronounciation I would like to learn Italian, perhaps you could put up a word here and there . With how you pronounce it in English like you just did.

The nest has just been started and should finish up as big as a football.

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nessun problema (no problem) Stakreem. Wow that looks huge. We had one a couple years back.


Tracey :D a girl can try


Well the boys have gone for a bike ride with daddy which I got of ;) so sunbathing in the garden x


Aahhhhh I do love the boys but peace at last

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Fiona - Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts! :) Enjoy your sunbathing.


I have actually got a Teach Yourself Italian CD that I bought a couple of years ago, my Great Nanna was Italian....Alas, I haven't given it my full attention yet!! Must unearth it! And give it a try. :)


Linda - The wasps nest looks big. We had one in our garage last year. They look like a work of art the way they are made. :)

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Afternoon you chatty lot.  I've been to pick my sister up and we did some shopping.  


I also bought a parasol for Sophie's pram which is very much needed. Mind you I could have just turned the body of the pram round to face away from me but then I wouldn't be able to talk to her.  I also bought some sunscreen for her now that it's warmer and she is outdoors a lot.


The shop where I bought the parasol is just beside where I buy my fabric so I ahem just had to buy some more for 2 dresses for Sophie - afterall she has to look good on her holidays  ;)


My afternoon is going to be taken up with sewing . :)


Hope you all continue to have a nice day


Take care

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