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Happy Saturday

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I'm saying happy Saturday but not happy a few moments ago when I tried to get on here and needed to sign on again and couldn't remember how,,, don't know why I was signed out, but here now.


just packed bag to take to grandchildren, , 4 tops each, a little dribbler bib, a sticker book and a bag full of wooden blocks.... we are having a garden party, make the most of this nice weather.


Last night I picked up the dreaded rainbow knit, saying I will finish if before I start anything else, so this morning I picked up the strange "was going to be an owl cushion but changed it to a cat", this morning I made it an owl as wasn't happy with the cat, I'll post a picture when it's finished, my theory was I'm not abandoning the rainbow as cushion was already a WIP.


Just hung out 3 washer loads in my pyjamas, we are fairly private (I hope)..


Tomorrow taking our daughter for a mini op, NHS day unit must now work weekends, makes sense as last time OH had a mini op it was NHS funded in a private hospital, very nice especially for me waiting, and instead of the NHS glass of water and one biscuit when he came to it was tea for 2 with sandwiches and cake.


going to get my shower now, need to set off soon as it is an hours drive.

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The boys have been up since 6.30, but hubby sorted their breaky out, and sent them back up to watch Saturday morning Telly so I could rest in bed :) love him. Yes we are talking lol


Washing is in the machine but I'm afraid I'm still in bed :D


The sun is shining and it's supposed to be a nice day today. The plan is the boys homework, reading and then out in the garden. I've made progress on my cardi determined to finish the right front and start on the left front. I'm in the mojo.


Eliza. I'm the same hanging the washing in my nightwear :D hope the op goes well, and have a lovely weekend.



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A Sunny Good Morning. :)


Eliza - Have a lovely day with your family. Can't wait to see your finished rainbow knit. :)


Fiona - Sounds like you've had a lovely relaxing start to your day. :). Enjoy your knitty time. :)


As for me.....I have no plans.....So I might just have to knit/crochet today I think. Hee hee. :)


Have a lovely Saturday Everyone.


Be Back Later. x

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Buenos notches, Lovetoknit how do you pronounce your good morning in Italian I presume that is what it means I can count in Italian but that is about it. Sorry your team didn't,t win in the football at least you are not going home like our team.


I was up early ish I have eaten strawberries, frozen strawberries, given away strawberries, preserved strawberries and dried strawberries, now I have to pick some more strawberries. Oh well it is only for another 2 weeks I count myself very fortunate. Perhaps I shall make some strawberry scones.


Formula 1this weekend so I can watch that , and crochet the back legs of the frog prince. I like the pencil cosies in the LGC mag and want to crochet some of them for my grand daughter.


Well have a lovely crafty day. Talk later.


Hi serendipity having to knit or crochet is a hard choice to make but some of us have to do it. Enjoy what ever you decide.

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Morning :)


Very hot here already!  I was sat out in the garden just after 8am with a coffee in my pj's.  Not hung out the washing yet though.  They even go out to their cars or to the bins at the sides of their houses in their pj's around here :lol:


Anyhow did not get back on yesterday.  After doing tea then clearing up and putting the girls to bed DF Facetimed me and my sister was texting me so I didn't get chance!


Today I plan to keep as cool as possible.  Already done some crochet whilst I watched Alex in the bath.  Maybe I can make a start on the sundresses although I don't think I'll be able to concentrate as the girls keep fighting... And just had to stop typing to break up another fight over a book... Argh!


Eliza have fun with the grandkids and I bet they will love their gifts.

Fi good to hear he is pampering you!

Tracey I think I will come round yours, sounds a lot calmer :P

Linda I told my parents about your bumper crop and they said they've only had about 6 strawberries total of their plants!


Right I'm going.  Think I need another coffee or does anyone have some valium? :huh: :ph34r: ^_^

Have a good day all x

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